Sunday, July 21, 2013

Fundie In Disguise

Fundie In Disguise

I temporarily followed a guy who said he was an atheist.  As I read his blog, I saw thinly veiled Christianity and we discussed many things.

I have the opinion that If we don’t stop Islam, we may end up back in the Dark Ages. And, he challenged me on it.

This is as close to a quote as I can remember, “So what, we survived that one, we’ll probably survive the next one.”

So, I wrote a poem/song that goes to the tune of ‘Strangers in the Night’
Walk the Path in Grace

Fundie in disguise.
Said he did not believe.
Followed me today.
And said he could not conceive
Of a god or two.

Blogged of many things.
Thinly veiled preaching.
Anti-theist me.
I tried to teach him.
Of no gods and such.

Tweets went on and on.
Each one more telling.
Calling me names.
Was quite compelling.
His churchy ways were bare.

He soon began to offend me.
Said all atheists
Were all the same thing.
And still he would persist
To tell me I was wrong.

I left him to his insanity.
Told him to find a way
To get more healthy.
He loved his god today
Loved his delusion, too.

Beware of pretending fundies.
They always show their spots.
A leopard has to display.
He really had the hots
For his imaginary god.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Why Do I Rail On About Religion?

Why Do I Rail On About Religion?

I’m sorry I haven’t written much lately but summer seems to take up a great deal of my life.

I was asked recently why I go on so about religion when I don’t even believe in it.  The question came from a fundie who didn’t understand how an atheist can be so concerned.

After some thought, I came up with several reasons (in no particular order).

  1. I feel it’s our duty to point out the delusion to anyone who will listen. Yes, I realize it makes me a proselytizer but if we don’t do our best to eliminate religion, the world will never change.

  1. It’s important that we not be quiet about atheism to show others that they are not alone.

  1. We must continue to point out the evil that exists within religion.

  1.  It’s our duty to shame those who use religion for dishonest and immoral purposes.

  1. Since most religious people don’t want to make trouble within their own religion, especially the Muslims. So, we must continue to remind them that they are the minders of their own people. It is their job to police the extremists who profess to their faith. If outsiders try to contain the bad guys, the result is often a holy war. We must continue to pressure the unwilling to stop the bombers, killers and evil doers.

  1. Some one has to be strong enough, brave enough and logical enough to step up to the challenge. If not me and you, then who.

Remember to keep your debates calm and logical. We will never convince anyone to listen if we mistreat them. We will never bring them into the light if we shroud our words in darkness.

So, that’s why I continue to fight to bring the world into a logical and sensible place.

Walk the Path in Grace

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Did God Create Evil?

Did God Create Evil?

It's a question I asked myself when I was a believer.  I mean if God created everything, then surely He must have created all things human, too, right?  He created Satan who is supposed to be pure evil (what's a good story without an antagonist?).

Yes, supposedly, the angels had free will.  And, yes, they rebelled against God during the Heavenly Civil War.  But, I submit that God, if omnipotent, created evil or at least allowed it to exist; not to mention that, if omniscient, knew it was going to happen.  Complicated, eh?

Many times during my 'chats' with believers, I will ask "Did your god create evil?"

And almost every one will say, "No."  They give several variants of 'man created evil by____________ (fill in the blank).

When I remind them that the Bibles says it in black and white, they then throw various excuses at me.  From, the interpretation of the Hebrew word 'rah' which is where the descriptors evil, chaos, devastation, etc. come from. To, God is a good god and wouldn't create evil. And, everything in between.

Yesterday, I was accused of not being a good enough Bible scholar. That's a new one for me.

Here it is in Isaiah 45:7

KJV (Cambridge Ed.) Isaiah 45:7
I form the light, and create darkness: I make peace, and create evil: I the LORD do all these things.

So, there it is. Black and White.

So, I ask you, gentle reader, what's it to be?  Study a bit more or read it directly from the Bible as written?

If the Bible in the inerrant word of God and can't be changed by man, then the believer has no excuse to deny, 'Did God create evil?'

Walk the Path in Grace

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Evolving Mankind

Evolving Mankind

Mankind evolved enough to need gods and, then, created them.  When we evolve some more, we will decide to destroy all of them.  A paraphrase from a quote by  Emil A. Zafirov

As I've said in earlier posts, man has created a multitude of gods. Probably first created when the first conman found the first rube during a thunderstorm.  So, here we are in 2013, mankind has had gods to pray to for approximately 8,000 years and where are we?

We have a third of the world's population believing, or pretending to anyway, a god that supposedly created the Universe and knows the exact thoughts of every single one of Earth's citizens.  Imagine that! Here we are in a nondescript galaxy circling an even more nondescript star.  One among billions in this nondescript galaxy alone.

Then we have about one third of the citizens believing in, more or less, the same god but its message was relayed by a less than desirable 'prophet'.

And, the one third plus the other one third don't seem to want to play nice.  It's like two three year olds. One is a fairly well behaved kid who is generous but sorta enjoys meddling in other's kids business.  And, the other one is sly, distrustful and mean but is a master at playing the victim.

The other one third of the world's population is a mishmash of everything from ultra peace loving nonviolent types to nonbelievers.

The first two thirds are on a collision course without a mother, au pare, or guardian in site.

Children! It's time to put your gods, prophets and holy men where they belong on the trash heap of history before it's too late.  And, by too late, I mean we end up back in the stone age and start the need for gods all over again.

Walk the Path in Grace

Friday, May 31, 2013

My Anger

My Anger

My anger has been set on 'kill' lately and that's why I haven't written much.  Angry blogs are senseless and only make me feel better while making the reader 'turn off'.  So I'm trying to lower the anger to 'stun', instead.

My last post appealing to Muslims to take care of their own idiots was not received well by my few Muslim followers.  Although they admitted I was right, they couldn't get past blaming the US and the UK for foreign aide to Syria.  And, before that, it was Egypt.  And, earlier still, it was Israel.

Do you see the pattern?  It seems it's never the Muslims at fault for their own actions.  We all know that the actions of the worst few will be construed as the attitude of the rest of a population or religion.

One of the first things we learn as children is that we are responsible for our actions.  We get our hands slapped for stealing or being mean.  We don't touch a hot stove a second time.  All that.

And yet, we see the Muslim world acting like a very spoiled child who is NEVER responsible to the rest of society for bad behavior.

The non-Muslim world attempts to control the worst of us with prison or worse.  The Western world is polite and law abiding because of it.  We can walk most streets in relative safety.  Women can dress somewhat provocatively without fear of rape. Our children can play without risk of kidnapping. (Of course, there are dangers from the worst of us, but for the most part, the risk is minimal.)

Crime never touches the vast majority of the Western world.

Not so in the Muslim world.  It seems that the worst of them are celebrated. Bombing indiscriminately, killing nonbelievers, killing even those who believe in Allah who have slight differences of belief, raping girls without penalty ......ah ........the list goes on and on.  And, it's depressing to list all the things Muslims can do within their own countries without punishment.

I've asked Muslims why they don't take responsibility for their unacceptable actions and have received excuses.  So, I've decided to put the anger aside as it does me no good and has no effect on the Muslims.  I will continue to debate them with logic and reason, but I have no desire to be angry at anyone with the philosophy of a two year old child.

Here's my prediction: If the Muslim world does not discipline itself very soon, the Western world will be forced to do so.  Just like in 1941, we will be embroiled in a world war of unheard of ferocity.  We will consider it a war of disciplinary action while the Muslim world will judge it as a Holy War, just like a two year old would react.

Walk the Path in Grace

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

An Appeal to All Muslims

An Appeal to All Muslims

We, humans, are faced with an enormous challenge.  There is an event that seems to be coming that can be stopped. But it will take great courage to avoid this tragedy.  I am an atheist citizen of the Earth and I appeal to all Muslims to make this change possible.  I am told that Islam is a religion of peace and I truly, desperately want to believe it.

The violence in the world seems to be growing by the day. And, it appears to be out of control.  If it continues to grow, it could engulf the entire planet in a war that will damage all of mankind.

Radical extremists are killing, bombing and raping innocents in the name of Islam.  These monsters use verses from the Qur’an to commit unspeakable acts.  These monsters MUST be stopped.

There are two ways they can be stopped. 

  1. Armies of the non-Muslim world will be deployed to bring these people to justice.
  2. Peaceful Muslims will find a way to arrest these people and present them to the proper authorities.

I beg each Muslim who reads this to see that if the first solution must be used, the whole world will be drawn into a conflict that will make all previous wars look like child’s play.

If Islam is truly a religion of peace, I implore you to find the strength to police your own radical extremist and become the peaceful people that I’m told you are.

None of us want a war.  None of us want to see our loved ones in danger or perhaps killed.  I beg you with all my heart to stop these violent people among you.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Will We Deserve It?

Will We Deserve It?

Humans, since the beginning of knowledge, have searched for the meaning in everything.  For some reason, we seem to think there's a reason for why things happen the way they do.

Blaise Pascal wrote: Human things must be known to be loved: but Divine things must be loved to be known.

We have always put a god in position to try to explain the unexplainable.  Let's call it a human frailty.  Our psyche is still so close to the animal from which we evolved that we need to feel protected, loved and, most importantly, to NOT be responsible.

We attribute everything that seems evil to one god or another.  The recent tornado that hit Oklahoma is a case in point.  Everything from 'God works in mysterious ways', which is only a little bizarre, to Alex Jones' truly incredulous claim that our own government has a weapon to control the weather, was bandied about in an attempt to assuage our uncertainty.

The Black Plague was a judgment from God.  The tsunami in 2004 was a punishment from God for everything from not praying enough to the LGTB movement.

When we're born, we are totally dependent upon others to take care of us. And, until we're old enough to take care of ourselves, we stay that way.  Somewhere, buried very deeply, that need to be coddled never goes away.  Hence, gods.

But, all is not lost.  I see hope for humanity. I see the dying gasps of religion on the trash heap of childish things.  If, and that's a very big, IF we can get past the 'blasphemy' of denying all gods, we can begin to grow up and realize that awful things happen just because.  We will begin to see that good things happen just because.

How we deal with the awful things will determine whether we deserve the good things.  Let's stop loving the unknowns and understand them for what they are:                                                         Unanswered Questions

Walk the Path in Grace